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We are a team of professionals with more than a decade of experience in cutting edge video compression, video communication and control centre technology.

We are a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in developing and worldwide marketing of Video Control and Service Centre platforms with related concepts and products, based on cutting-edge video compression and video communication.

We are an ICT company whose goal is to be thé global partner of choice for providing total concept Central Alarm Monitoring Station solutions.

The Spectator Communication Platform is a state-of-the-art multi-application platform to provide a wide range of mission critical applications and value added services in the Security, Healthcare and Communication markets.

Spectator provides alarm and CCTV monitoring companies with a unique multidisciplinary and multiprotocol management solution for alarm monitoring, video monitoring and verification using one single Graphical User Interface (GUI), to be used by both local and remote operators in private as well as public sectors.

Spectator CCTV products have high quality specifications and excellent performance at an optimal and attractive price, without compromising the high quality that is expected by the final customers.

Complies with or exceeds BS 8418:2003 & BS 5979:2000
Certified by ZPD, NRW (Central Technical Police Services, NorthRhine-Westfalen), Germany




To improve the Quality-of-Life by developing state-of-the-art technology, concepts and products.

To develop and continuously improve cutting-edge Central Alarm and Video Monitoring Systems for mission critical applications in Security, Healthcare and Community services.

To apply Total Concept Solutions to reduce the cost of improved public Safety and Healthcare. to facilitate communications between family members and the elderly, renewing a sense of community and contributing to the welfare of others. communications between Healthcare providers and their home based patients; between the disadvantaged and those dedicated to serving their needs.

To bring together the global community regardless of race or religion.

Dr. Frans Hermes – Managing Director


Spectator Communication Platform

With an array of services over the fields of Security, Healthcare and Communications the Spectator Communication Platform (SCP) brings a multidisciplinary and multiprotocol solution to improve the Quality of Life. The SCP platform is able to receive, manage and distribute nearly all existing alarm, CCTV and communication systems on one single Graphical User Interface (GUI), to be used by local and remote operators in both the private and public sectors.


The SCP can be used for receiving and managing a multitude of applications and systems in Security, Healthcare and Communication. Securing, monitoring and connecting both static and mobile objects.

No Pre-investment

We believe shared profit models bring out the best in the markets we operate in, so why pre-invest in complex and expensive systems or seats and start business with liabilities? SCP platform partners have no pre-investment costs reassuring any new partner.


All Spectator SCP hardware and software is delivered on a Turn-Key basis, ready for immediate use in any environment, including training and certification of SCP operators, supervisors and administrators.

One Consistent GUI

All alarms, video streams and communication protocols are received on Syros, the Spectator GUI, capable of receiving and managing anything operators in the highly demanding markets require.

Video Verification

Why start running before you know what to run for? Any alarm received by the SCP operator can be verified with high quality live and recorded video, also over relatively low bandwidths, confirming/ validating the incoming alarm and ensuring any following action by private or public parties is fully anticipated on the event.

Video Walls

Any Spectator client can benefit of our advanced Video Walls for both static and mobile object monitoring and alarm verification.

Remote Services

Next to using the installed base for alarm verification, Spectator concepts empower SCP operators with a wide range of remote services such as ‘Virtual Guarding’ and switching any type remote equipment.

Bidirectional Audio

Any Remote Service or Alarm Verification through the SCP has integrated bidirectional audio features, ensuring operators can listen and talk to the people on the other side of the camera, be it people with malicious intent, or client in need of support.


We consider support as an essential part of our SCP platform. If you need help, get all of your questions answered via our Service-on-Line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Updates included!


Core Features

We have created an advanced trigger based alarm management platform that helps authorities, Security and Healthcare operators, guards and private companies create safe and secure environments for their assets and clients quickly and easily.

Consistent GUI

Our Consistent Graphical User Interface called Syros combines Security, Healthcare and Communications services, no matter what device or system is connected, the operator will always utilize one single interface ensuring a high quality of service.

Protocol Converter

The Spectator Protocol Converter is an advanced multi-protocol solution to connect any existing (third party) CCTV system to the SCP, ensuring high performance security solutions over any type of network, even with low bandwidths.

Dynamic Action Plans

By default, our GUI uses advanced and dynamic flow chart based action plans with operator decisions trees and integrated anomaly recording. The operator is presented with exactly which actions are required and whom to contact for each situation and occurrence. Action plans can be configured at customer, event type and zone level, and are even time-dependent ensuring the Service Level Agreement with every client will be met.


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